dimanche 6 septembre 2015

Susan Goertzel Sandman : "The wind band at Louis XIV's court"

"By the 17th century wind band instruments were again in transition. The occasions for outdoor wind band performance, howere, were remarkably similar to those of earlier centuries - dancing, marching, and public rituals of love and death, war and peace." (Goertzel Sandman, 1977, p. 27)

"Entitled 'Partition de Plusieurs Marches et abtteries de Tambour tant françoisen qu'Étrangeren, avec les Airs de fifre et de hautbois à 3 et 4 partien ... 1705' (Several marches and drum beats, as many Franch as foreign, with airs for fife and hautbois in 3 and 4 parts...), it includes ninety-one short marches and airs for hautbois and snare-drums, four additional marches for one or two pairs of kettledrums alone, four trumpet fanfares, two sets of hunting calls, and the Carousel de Monseigneur of 1686 (music for an equestrian ballet) for four trumpets, four hautbois, and kettledrums." (Goertzel Sandman, 1977, p. 27)

"Although all the musicians of the Grande Écurie (that is, all the performers of outdoor music at court) performed for 'services extraordinaires' (large, formal ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, coronations and funerals), the Fifres et Tambours were the only group of the Grande Écurie directly involved with the daily ceremonies at Court." (Goertzel Sandman, 1977, p. 30)

Susan Goertzel Sandman a publié une thèse archivée à la BnF qu'il me faudra consulter.


Goertzel Sandman, S. (1977). The wind band at Louis XIV's court. Early music, 5 (1), 27-38

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